Shop equipment

At all times, merchants and sellers tried to succeed in window-dressing.

To do this, they laid their goods in designated areas. The history of shop equipment implementation started out with window sills and cheap wooden counters. Then at different times glass windows appeared together with gas and electric lamps. These innovations contributed to shop equipment modernization and significant sales increase.

Today, the manufacture of shop equipment implies the usage of a great variety of materials and technologies. This opens broad prospects for problem solving with regard to the functionality of the equipment as well as the planning and personalization of the interior of a trading hall.

LaTec develop and produce tailor-made shop equipment and furniture: shelves and racks, hanging constructions, tables, gondolas etc. They can be standard or generic, a "kit" for self-assembly or an equipment transformer, adjusted to the characteristics of the hall zoning and the seasonality of goods display. Also the shop equipment can be integrated with the POS systems.

However, LaTec's experience in the development of design projects followed by engineering and production of individually customized constructions deserves special attention. Such equipment emphasizes (and builds) a unique individual style of a commercial enterprise. A good example of such a conceptual project executed by LaTec was the opening of a flagship store from a retail chain "My AUCHAN" in Moscow on Tverskaya street opposite the Kremlin.