Barklay Plaza

City placement: MOSCOW

Dimensions of the installation advertising field: 19 m. х 2,48 m.

The height of the installation work: 30 m.

Type of illumination: counteropenwork illumination.

LETTERS AND THE SIGN are manufactured from a stainless steel with a surface texture "polished silver". Light sources are white neon tubes, placed inside the cases. Right behind the letters and the sign just with some standoffs the reflective light-diffusing screens made of aluminum are installed. Due to such an execution the roofing installation is well noticed both during the day and on night sky background, which corresponds to the task set to us by the client.

We suggest to complete similar installations with external illumination, using other types of stainless steel texture. Using such elements as sidewalls and faces, edges and chamfers coated matte or polished, placed at different angles relative to each other, eliminates the mirror effect (a bright reflection of the lamps of the floodlights from the smooth metal surface of steel). However, such solutions require a certain level of experience of a manufacturer and extra costs of a client