City placement: MOSCOW

Dimensions of the installation advertising field: 14,84 m. х 13 m.

The height of the installation work: 87 m.

Type of illumination: open LEDs + external floodlights illumination


The frames of the letters are made of aluminum covered by resistant polymer paint. The front surface of each letter is made of red aluminium composite panels (ACP) with red LEDs inlaid in them.


It is a large three-dimensional figure, complex in form, having metallic luster chrome details visible both during the day and at night. Made of aluminium composite. The surface is brushed steel. The choice of this very material from a distance allowed to create from a distance an illusion of a chrome surface and at the same time get rid of the mirror effect problems (bearing in mind that the points of view of the roof installations are located at a distance of 300 m and more). The illumination is external with the help of the floodlights installed on the sliding rods with the ability to adjust the distance of their removal and the rotation angles.


At the design stage day and night light simulation of actual size parts of the sign was conducted. By results of the tests the final settings and the points of external floodlights illumination were confirmed. Due to this, the sign is clearly visible and looks steel both during the day and at night. Bright red LED letters CITROЁN complement the composition to ensure the consistence of the logo produced and the client's requirements.