City placement: MOSCOW, TULA, NIZHNY NOVGOROD, YEKATERINBURG, NOVOSIBIRSK. In total 21 roofing constructions

The maximum dimensions of the installation advertising field:
35,9 m. х 8.5 m. (Novosibirsk, Dimitrova St.)
35,9 m. х 6,8 m. (Moscow, Volgograd prospect)
37,7 m. х 6,2 m. (Moscow, shosse Entuziastov)

Type of illumination: open LEDs.


The frames of the letters are manufactured from aluminum and covered by a resistant polymer paint. The front surface of each letter is made of green aluminium composite panels (ACP) with green and white LEDs inlaid in them.


The frames of the signs are made of aluminum, the front surfaces are produced from aluminium composite panels (ACP) with green, yellow-green and white LEDs inlaid in them. The image of a gradient flare is applied by digital printing or airbrushing with acrylic paints. One or another, they were used in different installations. The exact transference of a gradient color change with the backlight on is provided by the adjustable brightness control of yellow-green and bright green LEDs.


Open LED illumination is complemented by dynamic lighting effects such as the movement of white flares along the perimeter of the sign together with the movement of a light wave with gradual increase in the brightness followed by its gradual attenuation within the entire length of the logo.

A separate rotating two-sided light sign installation (5.63m in diameter) was installed on the roof of the building of the Central office of Sberbank in Yekaterinburg. The movement of the sign is provided by a unidirectional gear drive, the rotation speed is approximately 2 rpm.