Stainless steel products – at all times! Today stainless steel has a broad application both in various industries and everyday life. LaTec widely uses it for the production of various advertising constructions.

Stainless steel allows to fulfill the most ambitious design and architectural ideas. Besides, products made from stainless steel can retain their original appearance for a long time, they are strong, wearproof and not subject to corrosion. They are aesthetically pleasing, fit perfectly in any interior and exterior, resistant to mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations.

The material surface can be matt, polished, brushed, colored or has any decorative coating or texture.

For over 20 years LaTec has been consistently pleasing its customers with amazing products and stainless steel advertising construction of various shapes and sizes

Have a look how great they are!

What's the secret? High quality steel, "clean" and precise edge cutting, high performance and precision ensures superior quality products from LaTec.

Today stainless steel are in favour among designers, architects and clients. The qualities of this material allow to manufacture both large street art installations and close to jewelry souvenirs and interior panels, to fulfill the most ambitious and complex ideas.