Stainless steel letters

Stainless steel letters

In 1993 a group of laser scientists, the founders of the LaTec company, became the first on the Russian market who began the production of outdoor advertising from stainless steel. It became possible due to prior meticulous scrutinizing of the foreign experience and further development of a proprietary technology so called "know-how". Even today on the streets of Moscow it is possible to see the advertising constructions, manufactured and assembled by LaTec more than 15 years ago.

Within these years many revolutionary for its time soluions of LaTec have been successfully taken over by the market and today are considered as "classic". A distinctive feature of our experts is a professional approach to problem solving. It enables us to remain a recognized expert in the field of stainless steel technology.

One of the most popular types of outdoor advertising are signs with built up stainless steel letters. The placement of such a sign is a relatively inexpensive but at the same time effective way that allows a company to express itself on the market.

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С наклонной боковиной.jpg

Depending on operating conditions, design of letters and the angles review LaTec is offering the following solutions:

The letters with a sidewall perpendicular to the front. The steel texture on the front and sides can vary. Letters may contain the lights for a contrary backlight (usually it is a side or a background base sheet with the letters placed on it are illuminated).

The letters with the slope to the front side of more than 90 degrees (usually around 110). The slope of the letters' sidewalls creates a reflection from external light sources (e.g. street lighting) that preserves an effect of a polished metal even in the dark.

The letters with a metallic sidewall and an illuminated front part that can be installed both with metal edging around the perimeter or without it.

The letters with a combined front part, often with a volumetric light face produced from light guide plastic or thick acrylic.

Letters can be successfully equipped with a "day/night" lighting technology"; when an illuminated front part changes its color, as a rule during the day it's dark while at night it has a light glow of a different color. The most complicated case is when during the day the letter is perceived as it is made of polished metal while at night, having the internal illumination on, the letter preserves its daytime look.

The clients can have the letters painted any colour they want using polymeric paints or topcoats with a precise colour matching.

Besides that in the production of stainless steel letters LaTec uses a cutting edge technology of laser cutting (with ultrasonic cleaning) of the contours of a material, which ensures perfect precision and quality of products.

The main types of stainless steel letters:

Straight-Sided Letters,

Slanted letter,

Slotted letters,

Face lit luminous letter, including the ones with no edges,

Combined front part letters.

LaTec has been successfully manufacturing all kinds of signs and captions composed of these letters for a long time. Here there are some examples of such letters.

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