In 2010 UniCredit Bank was named the largest Russian bank with the foreign capital share. Office chain re-design project was brought about through the bank’s re-branding programme, which was focused on signs replacement in accordance with the European standard of the chain brand design.

This required the full visual and technical equivalence with the European structures, represented by light-boxes with the plastic formed front pieces.

The challenge was connected with the fact that the European technical standard prescribed the narrow light-box mounted above the show window, but in the Russian conditions such items would just seem lost amongst other large advertising structures, occupying the building facades. This is it was decided to develop a local technical standard for Russia and use larger signs.

The new profile had to be ordered in Europe, while the assembly process took place in our production facility in Moscow. Projecting signs, door entrances, ATM branding design and other structures were fully designed and manufactured by LaTec. We also supported the approvals procedure for the external brand design.


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