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Advertising sign of a shop or an office is first of all a company’s identification tool. The second task, which is solved by the outdoor advertising, is attraction of the target audience. Cost of manufacture of outdoor signs as compared to the total advertising budget is insignificant, but it is a very favourable and necessary investment.


Interior advertising is the integral continuation of facade advertising constructions, additional and at the same time independent tool of brand — consumer interaction. Small forms of interior advertising retransmit brand values in a premise, and in addition bear an informative and image load.

The corporate style, in accordance with which outdoor branding is developed, should be correctly maintained in interior design in order to build effective marketing communications with the customer.

In the office of a company and in salesroom, branch of a bank, car showroom the interior advertising must create comfortable conditions for clients, support and distribute the basic routes of customers.


  • Internal navigation system (interior nameplates, indicators)
  • Internal window dressing.
  • POS materials (equipment for ponts of sales).
  • Visual communication systems (information stands and counters).
  • Decorative and architectural illumination.
  • Dressing of reception area and conference rooms.

Interior advertising constructions are not exposed to climatic conditions, which removes the most restrictions for materials and forms proper to the facade signs. At the same time, higher quality and production effectiveness requirements are implied to the interior advertising, since the consumer is in the immediate proximity to constructions.

We suggest package solutions for dressing of sales and reception areas, based on display letters and signs made of metal and acryl, light boxes and panels, information stands and counters, office and navigation nameplates.


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Display letters are indispensable feature of oudoor advertising dressing of the facade located in the historic part of a city.

Light display letters in interior dressing make impression of respectability and reliability of your company.


Rooftop constructions are the large-scale structures, which are installed on building roofs. This is one of the most efficient types of outdoor advertising, and often unexpendable image feature also. Rooftop constructions improve recognition of the brand, create the positive image of the company, promote sales due to attraction of a wider audience etc.


  • Rooftop constructions are visible within some kilometers practically from any points of view, allow to cover as much potential consumers as possible and to improve recognition of the brand.
  • Rooftop constructions dominate visually over all other types of outdoor advertising — both in terms of spatial position at the top of city vertical and in terms of dimensions (traditionally they have considerable dimensions).
  • Rooftop constructions improve status and prestige of the company, at the same time, brightly designating its presence in the city.

Latec offers services for thermal vacuum forming of serial products:

  • design - projecting;
  • manufacture of press molds, surface preparation, image application;
  • forming
  • signs with display formed elements look most effectively as compared to typical light boxes.

    For manufacture of formed products, Latec uses ТМ TOLLS Factory equipment, the basic advantage of which are work field parameters — 1500mm*2500 mm. The thermal vacuum machine has high and low heating modes, and upper premolding function, which enables making the products unique in its way, for example, those with rear projection mirrored surface. For manufacture of formed products PETg, plexiglas or polystyrene may be used. Manufacture of formed products takes some days, depending on form complexity. During manufacture of this product type, making press molds takes the most of the time, the very process of vacuum forming has a minimum term.