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LaTec production today is a complex of state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technologies and highly skilled personnel got together under the same roof on the area of over 4000 sq.m. Modern machine tools and complexes supplemented with developments of the company designers and technologists allow to realize the most complicated projects completed in record-breaking time.

The production facilities are equipped with high-efficiency advanced equipment.


  • three laser automated machines for cutting of steel and other materials;
  • two Multicam automated milling complexes with operational field of 2×3 m for cutting of plastic and aluminium sheets;
  • two laser engraving machines for imagery applying on metal, plastics, glass, wood and other materials;
  • section of thermal vacuum forming;
  • machine tools and equipment for metal bending and cutting;
  • bandsaw machine;
  • NC hydraulic bending machine;
  • powder painting chamber;
  • large-format printer for four-colour printing using weather-resistant paints;
  • laser welding equipment.
  • Assembly shop

  • Model shop

  • Laser shop

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In the production of outdoor advertising signs we use the up-to-date technologies enabling to release batch, small-batch and non-standard products according to individual makeups.


Metal cutting, including laser one is bending of sheet material using hydraulic presses, shaping, engraving, welding. Manufacturing of structural shapes of every complexity using hydraulic press. Maximum length — up to 3200 mm. Press auxiliary equipment of our own make enables bending of the composite material.

Metal cutting: cutting of aluminium and stainless steel sheets, and ferrous metal sheets up to 4 mm thick and over 3 meters long. Cutting of sheet material on Multicam milling complexes with operational field of 2000×3000 mm. Electroarc welding of stainless steel and aluminium, equipment for welding of composite material.


Powder coating is a cost-efficient, modern technique improving durability and wear resistance of of finished product. To ensure the coating quality we carefully follow technological modes of all stages of painting. Surface preparation: mechanical abrasive processing, degreasing. Applying of powder paint using electrostatic spraying technique. Powder polymerization in furnace.

Colour selection is performed as per RAL palette. Cost of painting depends on the product dimensions, shape complexity, dates.


Thermal vacuum forming means the production of volume products made of sheet plastic in the vacuum-forming machine by heating plastic and vacuumizing.

Used materials: PET, PETG. Operational field of forming machine — 2450×1450 mm. Scope of use: face part of light boxes, display letters, POS — materials. Manufacture of formed products has three stages: manufacture of pressmold; vacuum forming of plastic; product cutting using the milling cutter.


Fitter’s and assembly works are performed mostly by hand. Quality assembly of construction, compliance of the shape set by the drawing depends first of all on qualification and experience of the specialist.

During assembly all basic kinds of metalwork works are used: mechanical marking, filing of complex structural shapes, drilling, thread cutting, riveting, fitting of parts, adjusting.