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Cut-guide development

Cut-guide for Sberbank 
of Russia
Cut-guide of Promsvyazbank
Cut-guide of Zurich insurance group


The cut-guide is the code of design and technical documentation, manual of production, installation and maintenance of all out-of-home media used in the facade design. It contains drawings and layouts, describes required materials and procedures.

The cut-guide is required for the outdoor advertising manufacturers; it enables to reproduce with high accuracy any detail of external design by any contractor. The cut-guide is required for the customer for quality control of the products made by the contractor.

More simply, if you want all your offices in any region to be designed in uniform style, and above all with observance of corporate identity principles, the cut-guide should be your first document after a brand book.

Ideally, the brand book and cut-guide should be developed in parallel. It is difficult to branding agency to understand production technology at an expert level, though this does not pertain to its duties. The technology developer’s advice given in a happy hour can mitigate both financial and technological risks of the project at its development stage.

We have a vast experience in creation of cut-guides. In its time, LaTec prepared the cut-guides for Sberbank of Russia, Zurich IC, Alpha — Bank, Promsvyazbank.


  1. 1. The same construction can be made of different materials using different technologies. First of all, it will reflect on the budget. But the main thing, the brand identity may be lost, when one branch will differ from another, and the facade sign day time appearance will differ by colour from the night one. We make pilot samples, by varying materials and technologies, and we choose the optimum solution as much as possible approached to the brand book standards.

  2. The signboard needs to be maintained: to replace blown illumination, to perform minor repair. Repair and maintenance of badly designed construction might be comparable by the cost with the manufacture of the new one. Our constructions are easy in maintenance. In addition, in the cut-guide we have provided the construction step-by-step maintenance manual.

  3. We do not save on materials to the detriment of the product quality. Our economy results from development of modular constructions and standard elements of design. The cut-guide describes some standard sizes, which may be applied in design of various objects. The batch production of typical elements allows us to cut significantly the total budget of the project.



The most frequent situation: you have carried out the rebranding. The second situation by its occurence: a merger of two companies, and, as result, increase in number of branches. And finally, you expand your divisional network, opening new branches, offices, missions, shops.

In all three situations the task will be common. The external design of filial network must be brought into compliance with the corporate identity rules.

Distinctive features of large network projects are large scale of works and branding of a great number of retail network offices (more than 30).

When carrying out rebrandings and restylings, speed of the project implementation is one of decisive factors. In order to solve such extreme tasks, LaTec developed a number of administrative and technological solutions, having allocated them in the specialized direction of its activities — SBO (SPEED BRANDING outdoor) — branding of regional points of sales in tight schedules.




  • Based on the brand book, we develop some variants of outdoor and indoor branding. In the proposed variants you will find 3D models of constructions, description of materials and technologies, in view of up-to-date requirements to the construction maintenance and registration.
  • We reproduce the chosen variant in a prototype model in order that you can see how your construction will look in reality.
  • We standardize the manufacturing techniques. Signboard elements are divided into separate modules having several standard sizes, the same internal design, accessories and performance data. Using such «designer» about 90 % of a typical facade sign may be assembled. Thus, manufacture of constructions becomes serial, which saves essentially the budget and reduces the total time of the project implementation.
  • We reconcile with you the address program. Due to this, you always know the terms of branding of any object.
  • We create the storehouse program for you. The basic standard sizes always are in our storehouse, which allows you to perform branding of new objects in the shortest time.
  • We prepare the construction documentation, which is suitable for registration of constructions.
  • We deliver and install in all territory of the Russian Federation.



Write us, if you plan to carry out rebranding.

Write us, if you need to perform branding of your filial network according to your new corporate style.

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Installation and dismantling of signboard, advertising construction should be performed only by high classified professionals. Even if you believe that the layout of signboard installation is extremely clear to you, there are a lot of things, which you may overlook.

First of all, it is an observance of construction norms and regulations when installing signboard, which is impossible without the outdoor advertising project conformity examination, which should be performed by a licensed organization.

The very process of signboard installation should be safe for neighbourhood — one must take into account that the construction can be installed in a busy street with a high traffic, in the proximity it may be power lines, TV antennas on the roof.

Then, if the signboard is attached to the building wall, wind loading must be taken into account — even in Moscow it may reach 100 kg per sq. m, especially if the large area signboards are placed on the roof.

Depending on advertising construction complexity and signboard location, installation may require the use of special equipment or participation of people having special skills — industrial climbers.

Dismantling a signboard is not easier than its installation, but is even often more difficult. Moreover, during dismantling the waste products may need to be disposed, for example, dangerous for environment luminescent and neon lamps which must be recycled.

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