Cut guide is a technical document that is a part of the brand-book, comprising consolidated set of rules for advertising structures: how they should look, what they are made of and how they are made, assembled, installed.

In Russia, cut guides are rare; as a rule, their clients are big chain operators. Very often cut guide components are included to the design guidelines and brand-books, developed by foreign branding agencies, and they need aligning with the local norms. Many major projects cut guides (VTB, SBERBANK, POCHTA-BANK, and many others) were developed and localised by LaTec specialists.

So who needs a cut guide and why? For sure, chain operators with offices, affiliates, branches, sales outlets scattered nationally or even globally. Such companies (already existing, new, aimed at development /merger) want their brand or trademark to be instantly recognisable, identifiable by any client and business partner in any city. For this purpose, all assets should be identical to each other; each advertising structure should be identical to another. And what if there are thousands of such assets with their geography counting for hundreds of population centres?

It is for such ends that a cut guide is usually developed. Cut guide clearly defines external standards for the structure, how it should look, what parts (modules) it is made of, what technologies should be used during the manufacturing process, and what facilities should be used for the installation, etc.

Such detailed set of rules will provide additional support for the chain company, by establishing the standards for the advertising structures just once, and then hire contractors to install the assets on sites. This significantly facilitates the contractor’s work in terms of installation of advertising items of any size or geography location, and it provides the chain management with the certainty and non-ambiguity of the final outcome.

LaTec have designed cut guides for the largest banks of Russia: Sberbank of Russia, VTB, Promsvyazbank, INTESA Bank, and localised them for NOMOS Bank, Otkritie, Rennaissance-Credit, MDM, Moscow Credit Bank.