Plastic and acrylic letters

Plastic and acrylic letters are one of the most common and affordable types of advertising constructions widely used both for interior and exterior object design. It is considered that individual letters are the favoured method of signage due to the fact that they slightly affect the appearance of a building and don't erode the architectural quality of the city.

The advantages of plastic letters include different colour variations and materials existing on the market, cost efficiency and the possibility of manufacturing it within a very short period of time. They do not absorb moisture, can be easily manufactured in illuminated and non-illuminated versions. The illuminated constructions are made of a light-diffusing acrylic glass or a special plastic film combined with led installed inside a letter.

The capabilities of cutting-edge equipment allow to produce both very small, and giant letters.

Plastic and acrylic built up letters are cut on an engraving-milling machine Multicam 5000 or with the help of a laser. The cut itself is almost perfect.

The main disadvantages (primarily, it relates to glued facade letters) include brittleness, low resource operation (no more than 3 years), thermal deformation and sensitivity to UV radiation when placed on a sunny side together with a difficult purification from dust and dirt, especially when using cheap technology and materials.

If you are facing the task to manufacture the letters to be placed in the interior (brendway, reception areas, shopping centres, exhibition stands etc.) then the solutions represented on this page will be of great interest for you while the cooperation with our company will provide you with a wide spectrum of all possible solutions.

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Metal letters

In 1993 a group of laser scientists developed a unique technology for stainless steel channel letter manufacturing and became the first on the Russian market who began their commercial production. Thus, the company LaTec was born.

Even today on the streets of Moscow it is possible to see the letters, manufactured and assembled by LaTec more than 15 years ago that are still functional and retain their appearance.

Many revolutionary for its time developments of LaTec are successfully taken over by the market and today are considered as "classic".

Metal built up letters and signs are prestigious and a relatively expensive type of advertising used both indoor and outdoor.

High-quality production of metal letters and signs, as well as their diversity in color and form, inevitably attracts attention of passers-by, customers or visitors of the office. There is a variety of options regarding channel letters fabrication: from small and flat letters to complex and prefabricated roofing installations of an impressive size with internal illumination.

What is the difference between laser welding and soldering? Why does stainless steel rust? How and is it necessary to take care of letters? How to make the letters look metallic in the dark? LaTec has all the answers for you. Contact LaTec! Our distinctive feature is a professional approach to solving problems. It enables us to remain a recognized expert in the field of stainless steel of advertising industry for more than 20 years.


Molded Letters

The main area of molded letters application lies in the field of manufacturing of standardized constructions used for designing the appropriate network for sales points. No other cutting-edge manufacturing technology in 3d signs production allows on the one hand to ensure long print runs and high production speed and on the other hand to guarantee economic efficiency, high quality and consistency of constructions.

Due to mass production the cost of single elements is rather high, primarily because of the need of mold manufacturing. However, by optimizing the circulation the cost of molded letters production can turn out to be 4-5 times lower than the cost of letters, manufactured using the hand assembling technology. Neither shape of a letter nor its font affect the price. The only thing that has a significant impact on the production cost of the same size letters is the amount of different molded elements in the design and circulation.

These days molded letters is a very popular type of interior and exterior signage. Molded sign letters are simply spectacular and will make your sign stand out. Their smooth, relaxed shapes arouse a positive emotional response, attract attention and significantly increase the level of consumer brand trust that leads to brand loyalty.

Molded letters are not only used by themselves. Molded logos perfectly match with any other types of built up letters fabricated in a traditional manner. Also the molded elements look good inlaid.

It is possible to mold both colored or transparent plastics (coated with a different texture or color on the inside) for glossy letters, and plastics with film on the front for matte or semi-gloss textures.

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Creative solutions

LaTec is constantly on the hunt for innovative solutions and generates a bank of creative ideas. We carefully monitor all the new materials on the market and are aware of modern technology and design trends. Our aspiration is to help you to visually distinguish your company or brand by highlighting its individuality. Take a look at our findings and use them to create a one of a kind style of your own!

Stand out with dimensional sign letters that are made out of faux stone. They are distinguished by the extraordinary warmth created by a soft internal illumination which accentuates the texture of the material.

Here is an example of molded stainless steel. Who else does have the same sign? The effect is enhanced in a combination with 20-millimeter transparent acrylic. The letter becomes three-dimensional both in illuminated and non-illuminated execution.

What about our tri-color letters! They can easily create signage that really stands out from the crowd. They stay monochrome (black) during daytime and become multicolored at night. This effect is achieved by the usage of a perforated material with a colored film glued from the inside, the side walls are made of stainless steel. Backlit at night letters come to life.

Are you looking for volumetric light letters on a glass?- Here they are. There are cases when a sign or a lettering can't or shouldn't be installed on a facade of a building in a classical way. What if you are having an all-glass pavilion or floor-to-ceiling windows? LaTec has a solution for you! Without drilling, the letters are neatly mounted to any glass.

Do you want the letters to look shiny and metallic during daytime and maintain the same effect being illuminated via light transmitting surface like some modern car brands have? We have such solutions!

Contact us! We have the solution for you!