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A sign is a small signboard of a size less than 1m². Aluminum, glass, stainless steel, brass or metalcomposite plaques are versatile and in tune with a crazy pace of life of big cities and businesses. They are highly popular and are used by many companies and organizations both inside their premises and outside.

While signs manufacturing there are usually a few most often used ways of information application: film appliques, painting or a combination of both. Also UV printing on film with subsequent rolling or direct printing on the substrate can be used.

There is a separate area of plaque production- signs with a transparent or satin-finish acrylic glass substrate accompanied by the side illumination technology acrylight.

In order to give volume to a sign both molded plastic and metal are used as well as perimeter bending of flexible sheet materials.

Signs assembling process is very diverse: from decorative fasteners and adhesive tape to cleverly concealed ones.

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