The sign/advertising structure can be installed/ dismantled by a competent contractor only. Even if you believe that you understand the sign installation guidelines quite clearly, there are a number of considerations that are easy to miss:

Firstly, compliance to the building codes and regulations during installation process, especially during the roof activities, which are impossible without the design expert review and in some cases — without the compliance audit of the delivered work and the initial design, which also can be performed by a licensed company only.

The sign installation process must be safe for all people — it is very important that the structure may be installed on a lively street with a busy traffic, there can be electric lines nearby, various systems and plant may be located on the roof (ventilation equipment and air conditioners, TV/cellular services antennae and so on).

During the sign design and installation, more so in case of the roof installation, it is very important to consider the wind load: even in Moscow it may be as high as 100 kg per 1 sq.m, especially when a large banner is being installed on a roof.

Depending on advertising structure complexity and its location, the installation process may require use of the specialist machinery or special skills, such as industrial abseilers. In the first place, this is very important for roof installations.

Sign dismantling has its own challenges. For example, during dismantling there will arise a requirement to dispose of the produced waste, also unfrequently unsustainable fluorescent, gas-filled and neon lamps, which need to be recycled. Non-compliant actions of the Contractor may result in significant penalties and issues with authorities for the Client. Many managers would be very sad to find their old sign in the bushes on the roadside.

LaTec offers a full range of services relating to manufacturing, installation and disassembling on a ‘turn-key’ basis, starting from the design preparation and finishing with the sign registration in the competent authorities. Each step is fully compliant with the legal requirements, building and environmental codes.

Acting as the General Contractor in any chain projects, we organise installation activities across all Russia. Installation activities are performed by regional contractor firms, who proved to be LaTec’s reliable partners in similar projects and are well adapted to the used practices — both production and management ones. In complicated cases we organise inspections and installation supervision.

We guarantee superb quality, which is secured through the high competence of our specialists and their extensive experience. We have installed a large number of signs and other advertising structures of various purpose, technical delivery and sizes, including primarily facade signs, built-up sign letters, projecting signs, roof installations, pylons, columns, etc.

Contacting us, you may always count on our reliable approach and making your interests our top priority.