LaTec will ship the advertising structure to any region of the Russian Federation, whether it is a single order or a large chain project for design/re-design of sales outlet outdoor advertisements (signs, light-boxes, pylons and other types of advertising structures).

In the most cases the order is shipped via trucks/trains both for individual and general cargoes depending on the circumstances or the project, time, cargo properties, needs and financial capabilities of the client.

In some cases we can procure air shipment. For instance, in case of the tight deadlines or in case of lack of opportunity to use other shipment methods within a reasonable time considering the remoteness and detachment of the destination points from the mainland (Chukotka, Kamchatka, the Far North, and other).

Transport logistics, or shipment planning and optimisation, preparation and successful implementation, requires high professionalism, experience and well-tuned alignment between several company divisions.

In order to understand the complexity and scale of this assignment, you should imagine the logistic process with daily shipments of advertising structures supplies to various and remote parts of the country for the chain including hundreds of outlets. In the short run, all major structures must be:

  • • manufactured; completed for shipment; appropriately packaged with due account to the shipment method and damage risks;

  • • approved with the view of all delivery terms, recipient’s contacts, delivery/handling/local storage terms;

  • • shipped from the production warehouse;

  • • delivered to the destination location, unloaded, put in store;

  • • delivered on site for installation with all due supporting and closing documents, chain payments complete, etc.

Let us imagine a business network of 600 (six hundred) outlets with the regional presence across the whole territory of Russia, for which the delivery term is limited to 2 months. This means 10 daily shipments in two months at average, or 5 to 25 daily shipments in real life.

The operations would drive a holistic approach to the organisational process including various roles, such as project managers, production, finished goods storage, logistics, finance. Successful project implementation is ensured through LaTec’s high level of cooperation and long-term practical experience. A good proof of it would be over 20 chain projects delivered by our company across Russia.