Design of advertising structures

Design of the advertising structure is critical for its efficient performance. Appealing, readable signs look easy to make, but in reality they are made by highly competent specialists, who have to consider a long list of nuances, inherent for a certain product or service. There is a direct analogy between the product packaging design and advertising structure design, performing function of the brand’s package.

If you are seeking for the quality design for your signs, the most efficient thing to do for you would be contacting a company, which has been operating on the market since 1992, and its products can be seen all over Russia — LaTec, Advertising and Production Company.

As for the professional opinion...

For the concept design to work, our specialists will always look at:

  • company’s focus areas and features of the marketed product;
  • target audience of the product/service;
  • the mass character of the advertising campaign held before or the introduction of a brand new product;
  • advertising medium, or an object where the advertisement/information will be posted (sign, pylon, column, small plate or huge structure on the building roof);
  • advertisement sites (landscape, building surrounding, etc.)
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