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Elements of navigation


Today high attention is paid to the design and implementation of visual navigation in all public areas. On the one hand such a tendency can be explained by the significant influence coming from abroad where visual navigation is highly developed. On the other hand it reflects the demand of a modern user who requires a user-friendly system of signs for convenient navigation. Indeed, despite the technological advancement the usage of electronic navigation is not always convenient or possible.

Moreover, the design and further placement of the attributes of visual navigation provides good service and demonstrates real care about a visitor. Thus, according to the results of recent studies conducted in Russian shopping centers, the factor of available navigation was highlighted as one of the most significant ones. Visitors associate it with care and it provokes the intentions in them to get to know more about that very shopping mall.

LaTec has successfully executed a range of complex projects in the design, manufacture and installation of various visual navigation systems. All the projects are implemented and tailored with accordance to clients' requirements, individual characteristics of each object and features of the target audience.

We advocate innovative solutions and professionalism in visual communications.

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