Advertising pylons are free standing double sided constructions. They are commonly installed close to the crowded places, traffic flow intersections, highways nearby the advertised object.

In a broader sense pylons used to be the names of vertical stone plates with imprinted images of a memorial, informational or religious nature, widely used by the people of ancient times. There are cases when pylons were placed in honour of a memorable event or as a milepost. In Ancient Greece, for example, there was a tradition to imprint the texts of all the important treaties, laws and expose them to all to see near temples, around squares etc.

The types of modern advertising pylons vary from massive ones of the 10-30 m height (Pylon Shopping Center Signs) installed both to improve the image of an object and to stress its significance, till small constructions neatly integrated into the urban architecture and mainly used for advertising campaigns. Pylons as a type of advertising constructions are designed to solve primarily navigation tasks. Most commonly these are information signs in shopping malls, in parking lots of supermarkets, showrooms and warehouse terminals. In height they generally do not exceed 2 – 2.5 m. In modern design can perform the functions of interactive terminals.

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