All outdoor advertisement structures and noticeboards in Moscow and almost in all large Russian cities should conform to certain requirements and are subject to approval and permits obtaining.

In Moscow the key regulatory documents are the following:

  • • regarding Noticeboards — Moscow Government Decree 902-ПП dd 25.12.2013 and Architectural Concepts of the streets, main roads and spaces of Moscow;

  • • regarding Advertisement Structures (roof structures, stand-alone structures, media-facades, etc.) — Moscow Government Decree 712-ПП dd 12.12.2012.

According to them, any advertising structure should be fully compliant with the existing Rules in terms of their types, dimensions and siting.

LaTec registration team provides professional support for the quick approval, collection and issuance of the permits to help reduce the time spending and ensure the best quality result. All advertising structures produced by our company fully comply with the existing legislation of advertisement design and siting.