It is almost impossible to visualize a modern city without any signboards. The history of their creation is deeply rooted in the history of ancient Rome and Egypt where the owners of shops, pubs or studios placed wooden boards with commercial signage on their premises regarding the services provided in order to attract customers.

Later, in the Middle Ages, entrance signs enjoyed special popularity among advertisers who placed there mainly graphic images, most clearly designating its core activities. Thus, at the entrance to a dairy shop a customer could see a bas-relief of a goat or at the entrance to a bakery- a windmill. Russia didn't fall far behind Europe: there were signs with popular prints of comic character.

Until the 19th century there were no significant changes introduced in advertising production. Only 1890th- the beginning of 1900 heralded the dawn of advertising production development. That was the time when the capital was suffering from the "advertising chaos" and there was no less advertising than it is now. In order to become an expert in advertising it was obligatory to complete a 3-year course of studies. Starting his own business required from a former apprentice a successful passing of an examination to his Guild bosses.

Established in the end of the 20th century LaTec has passed all the steps of apprenticeship long time ago and is currently the acknowledged expert in advertising production. LaTec offers its clients everything from a single source: concept and design development, engineering and registation, fabrication and installation, repair and maintenance as well as dismantling and disposal of advertising structures. Our distinctive feature is in our attitude towards the sign- we see it as an instrument of increasing sales. We design our constructions with regard to the peculiarities of consumer behavior, empowering the sign to influence the consumer in the way suitable for effective brand communication and the client's business.

By encouraging our cooperation with your company we hope to add value to your business, offering the best solutions possible.