City placement: MOSCOW

Dimensions of the installation advertising field: 13 m. х 11 m., the diameter of the globe 10 m.

The globe was manufactured in Japan, brought to Moscow and installed on the roof of the restaurant "Arbat" in 1972 right before the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the USSR formation. Packed with electronics, this wonder technology was assembled by the employees of "Mosstatedesign" under the supervision of two Japanese experts, who according to the memories of a chief engineer S.S. Koklyushkin, got drunk to unconsciousness by our installers right on the roof.

The installation had an incredible for that time number of dynamic lighting effects. Not only this advertising miracle was rotating clockwise, while the 7m height and 1.5 t weight aircraft was rotating in the opposite direction, but all the letters were shimmering with light, the bulbs indicated the cities on the globe flashed, and even there was the light in a window of a plane. For the sake of protection the" Globe" ran only 4 hours per day. however, despite all the security measures in 1986 the "Earth" stopped.

In 1993 "Aeroflot", hit by economic difficulty, sold a broken installation to the same-name bank. After the closure of this bank the "Globe" was inherited by Alfabank. Within this time, numerous reconstructions have changed the installation dramatically. Only in 2006 with the help of the "LaTec" the "Globe" got the look remotely resembling the original one.

Our experts repaired and partly replaced a rotation mechanism, manufactured and installed new gears, completely replaced the stained glass of the "Globe" as well as internal illumination; also new lighting logos of Alphabank were manufactured and assembled. It was an interesting task and we were pleased to touch the history.