Signs, logotypes

The term "logotype" or "logo" appeared in the early XIXth century in typography and was synonymous with "ligature," in other words it meant the combination of two or three characters of a typographic font.

In the XXth century the logo became known as a stylized font inscription of a name itself or a symbol denoting an organization or a product.

Today logos and trademarks are important elements of a corporate style and image of any company.

They serve for the companies' identification on the market. Any visual representation of a logo or a trademark is to guarantee a company recognition or its product recognition at first sight.

For more than 20 years LaTec has been successfully developing and manufacturing stainless steel logotypes and trademarks for various companies. Over this period of time LaTec has developed a substantial network of tens of thousands of companies across Russia, including major banking and trading chains of our country and abroad.

The quality of the items, precision of forms and colors transfer, variety of the materials used, innovative technology of their processing, as well as unique illumination solutions and lighting effects – all this is highly valued by our customers in our products.

LaTec designs and produces logos and signs of all sizes. Place them indoors, on the roof or on the facade of a building. LaTec has developed a unique method of placing the lightning on glass without affecting its integrity!

LaTec offers innovative solutions and techniques that allow to reflect the corporate identity in stainless steel logos, to highlight the features of a brand perception as well as the values of a client's company, and also to demonstrate a modern style which is in accordance with their clients' requests.